The National Library of Uganda (NLU) organises training of staff for newly established community libraries which emerge as a result of community initiative. These libraries in most cases do not have funds to hire/employ a professional librarian. The Management Committee of the library appoints someone from the community who they think can run the place, and put that person in charge of the library. NLU gives that person hands-on training in the basic day-to-day routines of library work e.g. basic shelving, lending procedures,organising on information materials and many more.

NLU trains Teacher-Librarians in management of school libraries under the School Libraries Development Project. Prior to handing over book donations for starting libraries in the benefiting schools, a teacher-librarian training workshop is organised to equip the teachers with skills on how to manage the collection, keeping records, and also how to promote reading among the children. The government directly provides textbooks and other reading materials to schools, but since teachers do not know how to manage libraries, they are trained as well as provided with manuals to guide them.These teachers also pass on the same knowledge to other colleagues for purposes of continuity in case they are transfered to other schools.  

Students from higher institutions of learning come and do their internship training at the National Library of Uganda. They are given the practical training to supplement on the theoretical training they get from their institutions of learning. The number of students applying to do their intership at NLU has increased as a result of the increase in the number of institutions offering the course.