Research is one of the functions of NLU, in April 2007, the NLU carried out a research on information needs of rural communities. A needs assessment on the disadvantaged groups in Mpigi district was done in Budde, Ggwatiro and Buwama and Kituntu. Prior to the research exercise, the Director NLU and head of IRES department visited the District Headquarters and discussed the issue of establishing a public library for the district with the Community Development Officer. Areas to visit were selected; the groups that were to be involved were informed.

The sample groups included youth representatives, Functional Adult Literacy program instructors and students, women representatives, local council representatives, cultural leaders and primary and secondary schools pupils and staff. A team comprising of two researchers and four research assistants from NLU office participated in this exercise. Two other researchers from ‘Under the Reading Tree’ a Canadian NGO were also involved.

As a follow up mechanism there was a workshop that was organized by NLU in collaboration with Under the Reading Tree staff.  This workshop was organised in Ziwungwe sub-county with an aim of sensitizing the different groups of the community about the role libraries play to a community.   A result of this research and collaboration has been the establishment of a community library in Mpigi Town.