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National Library of Uganda Collection

The library holds a large collection in the world of material which ranges from earliest work to most current publications. These include: books,magazines, pictures, photographs, maps and much more stored in many parts of the National Library. 


National Collection

The National Library is responsible for collection of all publications published in Uganda, on Uganda and by Ugandans as legal deposits. By so doing, the National Library preserves its national heritage through safeguarding the works of Ugandans for historical and cultural value. This is a reserved section and information materials there can only be accessed through the reference librarian.

The Africana Collection

This consists of materials on the rest of Africa with special reference to East Africa. They include materials on all subjects in the humanities, economical and social sciences.

General Reference Collection

The documents in this section consist of encyclopedia, dictionaries, directories, atlases, yearbooks and other materials of introductory nature to various subjects. It consists of a large range of resources to support our reference services and includes print and electronic resources covering all subjects.

It is important to note that items in this collection may only be used onsite at the library’s reading room. 

Special Collection

These consist of collections on specific areas or by specific institutions in special formats and are maintained for purposes of promoting research and scholarship.

These materials include:

  • Library and Information science.
  • Publications of international organizations.
  • Electronic information tapes, diskettes, CD-ROMs and the web/internet.
  • Serials and magazines (holds current & non-current editions).

Asian Collection

This was a collection developed as a result of a donation received from The Nippon Foundation- Japan which consisted of one hundred (100) titles. These are on social, economical, literature and inter-relations of Japan with other countries.


It is important to note that items in the library collection are only used onsite at the library’s reading room.

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Mbale Library Committee Visits the National Library of Uganda on 17th December 2014

Mbale Library Committee Visits the  National Library of Uganda on 17th December 2014

The Mbale Library Committee braved the Kampala Christmas season traffic to pay a visit to the National Library of Uganda and hold discussions on the future of Mbale Public library.

The visiting committee members were Mr. Cornelius Wekunya, the Committee Chairman and representative of the Senior Citizens, Mr. Fred Kusolo, the Deputy Chairman and representative of the youth, Mrs. Norah Naomi Aryada, a retired teacher and representative of Women, Mr. James Nampandu, a representative of the farmers and Mr. Gideon Kintu, the Librarian. They were met by Ms. Gertrude Kayaga Mulindwa, NLU Director and Mrs. Stella Nekuusa, the Principal Librarian and Head of Department, Inspection, Research and Extension Services.

They discussed, among other things the many achievements that they have attained over...



The National Library of Uganda is the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Agency for Uganda

The ISBN is a 13 –digit number that should be assigned to each book and it uniquely identifies books and book like products published internationally with the agency headquarters at the Hague Netherlands.
The National Library of Uganda is the sole organization that issues the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in Uganda; The NLU started issuing ISBN’s in 2011.

The purpose of the ISBN is to establish and identify a title or an edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition, allowing for more efficient marketing of products by book sellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors.

The relevance/ importance of ISBN:

  •  Authors / materials are recognized, it’...


National Library Hosts Chinese Delegation

National Library Hosts Chinese Delegation

The National Library of Uganda received a Chinese delegation from Henan Province of the People's Republic of China. The delegates  Who included Li Xia, the Deputy Director of Henan Provincial Culture Department; Cui Xi Mei, Director Henan Provincial Youth and Children Library; Huang Han Qin, Henan Provincial Culture Department; Xin Mu Xiang, Henan Provincial Museum;  Long Lin, The Secretary to the Chinese Ambassador to Uganda; and Cui Yun, a  Chinese business man in Uganda were received by Mr. Adoniah Katungisa, the Deputy Director of the National Library of Uganda, and his Heads of Departments at the National Library Offices on Buganda Road.

The Chinese Delegation was escorted by Ms Pamela Batenga (Principal Culture Officer) who gave the welcome remarks and Ms Cecilia Ajom (Senior Cul...


Book Aid International Turns 60

Book Aid International Turns 60

The National Library of Uganda proudly joins Book Aid International, its oldest partner in book trade, to celebrate its 60th birthday.  BAI, as it is fondly known by millions of readers in Sub-Saharan Africa, started in 1954. It has walked this long but very enjoyable journey with Ugandan public libraries since the 1990s. 

A quarter of a century later and hundreds of thousands of  books having been in and continuing to be held in the hands of ordinary Ugandans, this collaboration has expanded from book provision, to library staff training, reading promotion, supporting local book industry through local book purchases as well as making public libraries more attractive to users.

Over the years, the National Library of Uganda has organized many book related programmes that have i...




From the 26th to28th of February 2014, Children International Uganda organized a reading tent at the Buhimba Sub – County public library, which was facilitated by both Children International and NLU staff namely Mrs Stella Nekuusa and Ms Jennifer Nalwanga. The tent was attended by over 15 schools, 600 children, 30 teachers and members of the Factional Adult Literacy class that meet at the library. The children were engaged in a number of activities that included, silent reading of books of their choice, reading aloud and reading marathon, word search, book making, drawing and painting, story telling, word games, making of crafts, moulding, singing and poem reciting.

Technical Service Department


  • Library Inspection
  • Support for Public Libraries
  • Training of Librarians
  • Library Research


  • Reference Service
  • Reading Room
  • Inter-Library Collaboration
  • National Collection


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