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As a requirement of the National Library Act, 2003, the National Library of Uganda is obliged to issue/allocate International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) and International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN) to publishers in the country and brand viagra on line use publicize their use.

The International Standard book number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier based upon a 9 digit standard book numbering code. It contains 12 digits plus one check digit.


Who assigns ISBN in Uganda?
According to visit our site section 4(q) of the National Library Act 2003, the National Library of Uganda is mandated to be the National Agency responsible for assigning ISBNs and International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) in Uganda.

Internationally, ISBN is coordinated by the international ISBN agency in London and assigned by ISBN group agencies in over 166 countries.

Why do I need  an ISBN?
An ISBN is a number that uniquely identifies a publication. The relevance of this unique identifier is that it allows for more efficient marketing of products by all stakeholders in the book sector.

Where do I place an ISBN in a publication?
An ISBN appears at the back of the title page where the link for you branded viagra copyright and the publisher are printed and in the bottom hand corner of the outside of the back cover.

Who obtains an ISBN?
The National agency assigns ISBN at the request by an author/publisher. The number is viagra drug wow it's great allocated to printed books and pamphlets: book readings on cassette and educational videos, online publications, multimedia kits containing printed materials and computer software
Note: The ISBN is not used for diaries, theatre and cialis discount overnight concert programs, advertising materials/prospectus and serials.

How long it takes to acquire a number?
All applications will be processed as soon as they are received.

To apply for an ISBN, down load the application form below PDF version, Ms Word version or fill in the online form here!

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